Hollow Structural Section Usage

History of application of steel sections

Project Name Man has long used it in various ways, knowing the special properties of tubular sections. One of the most prominent examples of this is the Forse A-Fress Bridge, built in 1890 in Scotland using steel construction sections.


Hollow steel sections are widely used in superstructures due to their special properties. In this section, we review some examples of superstructures that have hollow sections used in their structure:

  • Wimbledon Sports Stadium
  • Kingda Air Train Ka
  • London's carousel
  • Emirates Spinaker Tower
  • Stuttgart Airport
  • Denver Train Station

Executive structures by machine steel

Neka Steel Company since 1392, after designing and manufacturing production lines and providing hollow structural steel sections (HSS), not only did not suffice with the common methods of construction of steel sheds and skeletons, but also with the research, development and design team. Structuring has taken a new path and innovated new techniques in optimizing and implementing metal structures using new materials. Add integrated production, waste reduction, production accuracy, greater earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, removal of architectural constraints, and the ability to fill with concrete to its unique structures.

  • Modern industrial shed
  • Heavy steel frame
  • Bridge
  • Ceiling Crane
  • Machinery
  • Other applications
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