Foolad Machine Neka

Knowledge Industrial Base FooladMachine Company with a combination of engineering, skill, experience and initiative has been able to make a big step in the country's industry in the production of strategic products and in accordance with market needs. Using technical know-how and relying on specialist forces, the company has been able to localize the production lines and steel rectangular sections and sections up to 400 x 400 mm with a thickness of 15 mm for high strength steel for the first time in the country. Produce. The manufacturing process, performance and behavior of the structures are approved in the laboratories equipped by Steel Machine Company and the products evaluated are used in steel structures, industry and machinery. With the advances in the building industry, achieving a new and efficient way to increase safety and speed up the construction process is at the forefront of the company.

Structural Sections

Hollow structural sections with various dimensions Read More

Industrial Structure

Industrial structures with crane installation capability Read More

Overhead Crane

Overhead crane with self-adapting mechanism Read More


Design and manufacture of heavy profile rolling lines Read More

Structural Laboratory

FooladMachine R&D Unit aims to address the challenge of designing and implementing dedicated connectors, designing and manufacturing dedicated connectors. Satisfying all regulatory requirements, ease of administration and cost-effectiveness are among the most important features of this connection. In order to achieve this, the company has invested in the field of designing and equipping a laboratory with a real-time testing structure and loading frame. Features of the above lab include: high foam, loading frame, 32-channel data dialer, actuator jack, displacement gauge, strain gauge, as well as dedicated software for automated testing according to the desired loading protocol.

About Fooladmachine

  • Founded Foolad Machine

    Since 1995 (1374), Foolad Machine Company, has started its activities in the field of section production and industrial machinery. In 2004 (1383), the scope of the activities of the company get changed and made progress towards the production of pipes and steel sections simultaneous with the expansion of the plant and its transfer to the industrial town of Neka, and with the experience that this company had in the field of industrial machinery design and manufacturing, all the design processes, manufacturing and erection of the ERW pipe production line and also Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) production line was performed by the engineers and technicians of this company.

    Production Line

    In 2004 (1383), with the best endeavor and perseverance of Foolad Machine Company and after a year of pilot production, the ERW pipe production line with the capacity of 80000 tons began to work. This line has the capability of pipe production with a diameter of 10-12 and 14 inches and the length according to clients’orders.


  • Capabilities and Achievements

    Foolad Machine Neka Industries started its professional career in manufacturing industrial machinery and so far has designed and manufactured most of its special machinery based on many years knowledge and experience of the company.

    • Design and construction of high profile hollow hollow sections (HSS) rolling line capable of producing steel building sections in different dimensions and thicknesses
    • Design and manufacture of ERW pipe line with the possibility of producing various sizes
    • Design and construction of lower weight overhead cranes, less depreciation and shorter construction time than existing cranes
    • Designing and fabricating a strip line with a new and different design and mechanism of action


  • With Manager

    The world we live in is a dynamic world with two major features of "limited resources" and "unlimited needs". Restrictions on facilities and limitations on human needs and demands have led to increased attention to productivity. Increasing needs are faster than growing financial resources, so the gap between resources and needs is increasing day by day. The need to live in such a world is to take advantage of new managerial paradigms that lead to the implementation of new ideas and concepts in a context of facts.

  • Foolad Machine Neka Company received CE Certificate for its manufacturing sections (pipes and profiles) in late 2016 which received the following privileges:

    1. Exporting goods to EU member states and other countries that require the CE mark.
    2. Having the advantage of competition and advertising tools in domestic and foreign markets
    3. Compliance with product requirements, standards and directives
    4. Respect domestic and foreign consumer rights
    5. Obtain public and private legal entities and organizations
    6. Collection branding





Advantages of Fooladmachine Soule

Quick installation
Production and assembly of most parts at the factory site
Ability to install overhead cranes
Due to the high strength of the columns and the lack of angles in them
Reduce Weight of structures
Weight reduction of structures using high fracture resistance steel
Remove architectural restrictions
The column cross section is uniform
Increased torsional strength
Hollow steel profiles are the most effective cross section for torsional anchors
Reduce construction costs
60-50% reduction in the weld rate of steel structures